Max MSP is one of the main tools I use in my creative process and is usually at the center of my creations and productions. I use it in a variety of ways, everything from building communication protocols for the different controllers I build, to building sounds and sonic landscapes, to working with immersive audio, or generating visuals to accompany my soundscapes. This page explores some of the 'behind the scenes' of my tools I build.

Spatial Audio Patches and Experiments


Learn Max MSP Yourself!

To someone who is just learning Max MSP for the first time,

Max is a way of life. It makes certain elements of programming easier and more approachable, but it takes time to learn, just like any instrument. It is not just a piece of software. It is an environment to explore your imagination. It is an amazingly powerful tool that will open realms of creative possibility. So stay patient. Play, experiment, explore, and learn. Don’t be afraid to interact, break, fix, and rebuild. Without curiosity and exploration you will get nowhere.

Click Here for a brief getting started guide for Max!