Immersive Audio

Monica Bolles has been working with spatial audio since 2011 when she first gained access to her local planetarium’s 15.1 channel surround system. Since then she has been continuously building toolsets in Max MSP to create large textured soundscapes that explore space, movement, and interaction. She is both a technician and an artist. She works to help artists and composers translate their work to spatial environments while at the same time creating and producing her own works that have been exhibited in large-scale multichannel speaker arrays ranging in size from 8 to 140 channels. She is currently co-host of the Immersive Audio Podcast and helps to host the Spatial Audio Meetups organized by NOTAM. She is a presenter of workshops in her field and has performed in this capacity at IRCAM Forums (2020), SXSW (2019) Ableton Loop (2018), IMERSA Summit (2013-2019), and NIME (2017-2018), among others.

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