Brain Waves Dress

Brainwaves dress was featured in the multimedia perfromance Resonant. The dress uses data generated by the performers brainwaves to change intensity values of different led light strings sewn into the dress. It visualizes the performers brainstate and gives the audience a glance into the inner state of the performer.

Universal Mind Control

Univeral Mind Control (UMC) allow the user to Control the Universe with their mind mind! The app allows the user to train and map different brainstates to control varying functions in the planetarium software Uniview, thus allowing the user to control traveling through the Universe with their brain.

Blocky Talky

Using Blocky Talky we demonstrate how quickly and easy it is to protoype designs for controlling and interfacing with music and visual software.

Face Trax

Have you ever wanted to control the mix of a song with your face? Well now you can with Face Trax. Give it a shot. You'll never want to mix a song with faders again!

3D Sound Panner

3D Sound Panner is a protype of a design for creating a physical panning device for controlling sound spatialization in 3D space.