evoL sI sihT : This Is Love backwards

evoL sI sihT : This is Love backwards explores human connection as it is visualized through the lens of Artificial Intelligence. Using NLP AI algorithm GPT2 tuned to old love letters, the artist generates text that is then used to generate visuals in VQGAN. Through this process the artist questions 'What is Love?' and how do the technologies of our time change our relationship to such an abstract and human concept.

cause I'm an addict baby
and this is an addiction I just can't quit
it's a necessity without it I can't live

I'm a sweet, innocent girl who loves to party, and to be a good girl.

But I also have a dark side that I don’t seem to realize.
The darkness is a curse that I can never break.
So I put up a wall between myself and the light. The wall keeps falling down, until there’s nothing but solid grey masonry.
I can’t resist the temptation to dance around the wall, creating twisted plays that will haunt your dreams.