Resonant is a 360-degree immersive audio/visual performance exploring resonance through the lenses of physics, psychology, art, and music by immersing the audience in the middle of a 360-degree projection mapped scrim and an 8 channel circular audio array. Accompanied by live music and dance choreographies the artist explores the physical, psychological, artistic, and musical interpretations of resonance and questions what it means to look at one subject through multiple lenses.


Perspectives is an interactive art installation exploring resonance from the lenses of physics, psychology, art, and music. For this piece eight conversations with sixteen professionals, students, and professors in the disciplines of physics, psychology, art, and music are curated and assigned to one of 8 speakers placed in a circle around the room. Four layered animations of a character on a swing are projected onto the scrim. In each animation are four representions of an interpretation of the swing colored by the perspective of a physicist, psychologist, musician, and artist. Lighting gels in picture frames are hung around the space. Each one isolates one of the four images by filtering out the other colors in that image. The frames create “windows” to different perspectives. Animations are by Sara Louviere.

Rooom Modes

Room Modes explores the physical nature of resonance within a space. By using low frequency sounds to excite those resonances this composition creates a three-dimensional image of resonance within a space. Multi-colored sine waves dance around the scrim triggered by audio reactive elements. Visuals composed by Marshall Orton.

Sympathetic Resonance

Sympathetic Resonance is the vibrational effect one vibratory body can invoke on another of similar harmonic likeness. This movement explores the physical and psychological nature of sympathetic resonance with sounds being generated and colored by sympathetic resonances. The visuals are composed of 3D scans of audience members and are reactive to the audio in the space.The final composition was composed by Zachary Patten and uses a palette of recorded and live generated sounds.


The final movement explores the concept of resonance from the artist's personal experience. A composed piano and vocal piece explores resonance through the lens of connection and is accompanied by a dance choreography telling the story of a love affair between science, art, and humanity. The artist wears a brainwave scanner during the perfomance and visualizes the brainwave data with colored LEDs sewn into a dress worn by the performer. Audio reactive visuals immerse the audience placing them in a starry feild adorned by vibrational strings that seem to shoot from the piano. The visuals were composed by Marshall Orton. The dance cheorography and performance was by Emily Volk (Humanity), Ellen Reynerson (Science),Rachel Jordan (Art).